How To Cure A Hangover.

How To Cure a Hangover

We all like to have a good time and enjoy a good party, especially after a hard week in which we have suffered a lot of stress, either because of studies or work. For this reason, many times we turn to alcoholic beverages to disconnect from the routine or problems. However, the next day all the evils appear to us multiplied by ten, and even more so if we have to resort to a fine per bottle. The dreaded hangover or hangover is a set of symptoms that appear after ingesting too much alcohol and can become really annoying with indisposition throughout the body, especially in the stomach and head.

How To Cure A Hangover.

What is raw?

The hangover, as it is known in Latin America, or the hangover as we know it in Spain is one of the main consequences that our body experiences when we have overdone it with the drink. In fact, among the Spaniards the saying “debauchery night, ibuprofen tomorrow” is well known, referring to the fact that when we consume too much alcohol, we have to resort to this type of anti-inflammatory to prevent headaches or stomachaches from being too much. unbearable. This is due to a process that takes place within our body caused by alcohol. In general, each sip of alcohol you take is one more number you have to suffer from a hangover, although there is no magic formula that indicates how much you need to consume. It all depends on the person, the weight, what you have eaten before and other factors. Hangover pictures tend to be really unpleasant, although they usually disappear completely automatically after 24 hours at most. Some of the main symptoms are headache, dehydration, fatigue, dizziness, poor sleep, and motor or concentration difficulties. If you can’t sleep, we can also attach a list of activities to do. The causes of such uncomfortable hangovers are one of the great mysteries. It is often said that dehydration is caused by the increased urine produced by alcohol itself, which makes us constantly thirsty. Likewise, this dehydration also causes a possible dilation of the blood vessels themselves. This is the main cause of headaches due to the presence of toxins in the body. The elimination of these toxins is the key to the disappearance of the hangover. In addition, it also affects the external part of the stomach, producing great stomach pains, which can become really uncomfortable and even cause vomiting. Likewise, driving while drinking alcohol is not recommended because, among many causes, it can cause drowsiness. However, with alcohol in the blood you can sleep quite badly because you never get to achieve a deep sleep that allows us to recover strength after a possible night of madness.

Benefits of a hangover cure

All in all, there are numerous benefits of curing a hangover that range from your own well-being to avoiding possible complications during the next day after a party. The most prominent are the following: A quieter Sunday. Hangover Sundays can be a trauma for many people. Beyond the headache, a day of real nightmare is usually spent until all the symptoms that can be had subside. Avoid wasting the day. In this sense, Sundays can become a lost day for many. The headache prevents the performance of many activities such as sports or something of a social nature due to the disability that it may have. Do not take health risks. The hangover, although it is harmless by itself since it usually disappears over time, it does have the ability to cause dizziness that ends in accidents that are harmful to health. Therefore, it is good to cure it to avoid major consequences. Avoid vomiting. Likewise, the day after drinking a lot of alcohol, you do have to be careful because depending on what you consume and what you eat, you can end up vomiting and causing stomach problems.

how to cure hangover

In this sense, curing a hangover or hangover is complicated. The best advice that can be given is to control what you drink the day before it occurs, since it is the best remedy that exists. This along with eating well before the party, in addition to consuming water while drinking alcohol as it helps prevent dehydration. For this reason, in some countries like Australia it is very common to offer completely free glasses of water to all consumers. If it is impossible to avoid overdoing it with alcohol, there are some remedies that can help alleviate the effects of the dreaded hangover. If the next day you wake up with a horrible headache, take note of all these remedies that you can apply to reduce the consequences of the aforementioned hangover. Drinking black coffee without sugar will help reduce the swelling of blood vessels as this is what causes the dreaded headache. Likewise, the energy drinks that are used in the gym can also end up being really recommended to get that highly recommended sugar to help the body metabolize alcohol and cure gastritis. Undoubtedly, what is most recommended in these cases is to drink water since several glasses a day should be consumed to alleviate the effects of dehydration, as well as fruit juices because the presence of fructose will allow our body to absorb alcohol. burn faster. Fructose is one of the most recommended components. For this reason, honey cookies are also tastier and contain that amount of fructose that will do you so well.

Following these recommendations reduces a hangover

Salt and potassium are two of the components that are most affected in our body by alcohol intake. Therefore, eating foods rich in these two substances is also really recommended. For this reason, vegetable soup is absolutely recommended in this type of situation since it will combat a hangover in a totally effective way. If you can’t drink water between each glass of alcohol, you can do it just before going to sleep before interspersing it with a cup of coffee when you wake up. However, do not eat intensely the next day as it makes it difficult for the body to recover to eliminate all the toxins caused by alcohol. Also, try to rest as much as possible to accelerate the burning of all the alcoholic beverages consumed. Do not forget, however, that there are other more radical ways to achieve it. Although it may seem contradictory, playing sports can help you in many cases to remove the dreaded hangover that can hurt you so much.

Running or doing physical activities accelerates the elimination of all the residues caused by alcohol and helps our body to return to its previous state. Therefore, although it may seem impossible, if you go running you will notice a great improvement to eliminate the hangover after a night of partying. Following these tips will help you mitigate the effects, although do not forget that the main remedy to end a hangover is prevention before drinking alcohol. Good control will prevent a big hangover the day after the party.

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