How To Cure A Cold

How To Cure a Cold

Often you will have had a cold and you have not known what to do, since you have no idea how to get rid of the symptomatology, which is often annoying and, in many cases, requires you to lie down for two or three days. What symptoms does the cold present? Here are some so that you have an idea of ​​what it feels like and know how to differentiate if what you have or has given you is one: Fever. Headache. sneezing Cough. Shaking chills. Nasal congestion. mucus and phlegm Muscle aches. Diarrhea and nausea (vomiting in some cases) Hoarsely. These may be some of the symptoms that you can present in a cold, but the organism is different or changes from one person to another, so you may not necessarily present these, you also experience some others that have not been named. Therefore, if you present them, prepare yourself and pay attention to how to cure yourself of a cold so that you do not have the annoying symptoms or it does not hit you too hard and thus you get out of bed more quickly to do your daily activities. Keep reading and you know it.

How To Cure A Cold

What do you need to cure a cold?

I rest. Analgesics. Chicken soup. Cold water compresses. Visit to the doctor. Lots of liquid. infusions Decongestants. Inhalers.

Instructions to cure a cold

Do you already have an idea of ​​what a cold is? Well, the cold is one of the most common ailments worldwide because every day someone presents the symptoms described above and that begins with a simple sneeze, leading to a strong allergy.

Many people in their lives have often felt the effects of a cold that can be due to a virus, change of seasons, another person who has it or many other cases, feeling all these one to two days after receiving the virus. To cure it, there are many ways, but it ranges from pills to minimize the action of the symptoms, to resting and sleeping during the moment in which they feel they are stronger and unpleasant, generating weakness, tremors and even not being able to do anything during the day.

How to cure a cold step by step Rest.

First, what the doctor can recommend is a lot of rest and enough sleep, since this makes you feel much better, regaining strength from the moment you feel the symptoms. Drink lots of fluids. It is recommended to drink plenty of liquids, among which can be counted physiological serum, juices and natural fruit juices and above all water as a vital liquid for life, to keep the body hydrated in feverish processes. Cold water compresses. To lower the fever quickly while the antipyretics work, it is necessary to place cold water compresses behind the head, specifically in the cervical area as well as the forehead. Chicken soup or broth. Chicken fat is one of the most important natural pain relievers known and its action counteracting cold symptoms is quite miraculous, therefore during the process of this condition, try to drink chicken broths or soups. Analgesics and antipyretics. For fever and minimize headache, analgesics and antipyretics work to lower the effects of one or another form of symptom that occurs due to colds, so you can choose to take them to get better. You have the option of taking them between 6 or 8 hours, depending on the symptoms and the presence of the cold, but always with the supervision and prescription of the treating doctor, who will determine if you need any of the dosages. infusions There are many herbs or fruits such as lemon and orange that you can use to drink and thus improve symptoms, these drinks are usually taken hot, and sweetened with honey, which apart from adding that touch of sweetness, will also offer you healing effects. Inhale vapors. To decongest accounts with the possibility of using some natural ingredient and in boiling water with a cloth, you cover your face and adsorb all the hot steam, so you will have the possibility of being able to breathe better when the nose is congested with mucus. Medical exams. Examinations or tests should be done in case the cold becomes something stronger and when the mucus loses its clear or transparent color to a more yellow or even green one, evidencing another type of illness. In many cases, this change in color shows a more serious condition that can be bronchitis or pneumonia, cases that must be examined by a doctor, so you can rule out any problem that may arise. Natural syrups. Many times, the elements provided by nature are also a good option to cure a cold, so look for any herb that you can use for it, such as acetaminophen, and take it in a tea. antibiotics They are not usually necessary to treat the common cold, therefore do not self-medicate with them, since it is something temporary and you do not need anything to counteract the cold; this one end is when you get enough rest. Vitamin C is an important element that you can also use during and after the cold process, there are many ways to take it, both in nature and through pharmaceutical products, ask your trusted doctor. You must be careful with a cold, since it can lead to other conditions such as an ear or lung infection, requiring other procedures to cure yourself, so you must be careful when it comes to curing yourself of a cold. Other conditions that you can get are: bronchitis and pneumonia, chronic cough or whooping cough, sinusitis. Prevention is the most recommended when it comes to any type of disease, it is important that you do not get close to a person who has or presents the symptoms, since it is a very contagious disease and you can catch it. It is advisable to strengthen the immune system, so it is beneficial that it be reinforced so that it does not fall prey to constant attacks by agents that contaminate it with different diseases, so it is convenient that you take different types of vitamins. Visit your trusted doctor and ask about colds, and their possible consequences, to avoid chronic conditions as a result of them, so you will feel fuller of energy and no illness in your body.

Tips to cure a cold

The cold is treated only with rest, some natural medicines in addition to painkillers, so you have to rest. Remember that during the period of symptoms you should not drink water, juices or juices that are cold. Always maintain communication with the specialist so that it does not become serious cases. Use natural decongestants for the nose instead of pharmaceutical treatments. It is important that you have light meals while you are sick, since the appetite tends to deteriorate. If you see that a member of your family is sick or has any symptoms of a cold, isolate them from the rest and you will avoid contagion. Keep in mind that it is better to be safe than sorry, so try by all means to always use Antibacterial.

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