How To Clean The Navel

How To Clean the Navel

If you look at yourself in the mirror naked, it is likely that the first thing that catches your attention about your body is that hole in the middle of it, the so-called navel. The navel is a beautiful sign of birth and human creation; therefore, it is a mark on the body that accompanies us from the very formation of the fetus. If you are a person who likes to take care of your body, you should also take your navel into account. Some people forget about the hygiene of their navel and only worry about it when it begins to have difficulties. Therefore, you should know how important it is to keep your navel clean and also know how to always keep it well cared for.

How To Clean The Navel

Why keep the navel clean?

What happens with it is that we almost always forget to clean it. The bathroom routine usually does not pay attention to the little hole we have in our belly. This causes dirt to accumulate on it. It accumulates dirt, bad smell, soap, lint, etc., all of which can lead to an infection in your navel. Even not keeping it clean can bring, something as simple as a consequence, a bad smell. If you don’t keep your belly button clean, it can also scab over, become red and itchy. Maybe it doesn’t get an infection, but if it’s dirty, not only the image is ugly but the smell is unpleasant. Approximately sixty-seven types of bacteria live in it, as studies have shown. For this reason, it is an area that must be kept clean in order to keep them away. Therefore, if you want to avoid all this, it is very important to keep it clean.

Types of Navels

You must take into account the type of navel you have, to clean it in the best way based on it.

Tips to keep your belly button clean

Infections are more common than you think and get to the point where it expels yellow pus. This should be avoided at all costs, as it could cause even dermatological problems. Therefore, keeping your body clean also means maintaining a healthy navel. For this reason, you should know some tips to maintain its hygiene impeccably. During the bath you can clean it daily with soap and water and also dry it very well so that it does not have a bad smell. This is not always necessary and cleaning it at least once a week will suffice.

First Tip You must have:

soap, cotton, alcohol, water

Do it: The bathroom is the best time to cleanse your belly button. You must take advantage of this space so that it is also shiny like the rest of your body. With soap, water and if you want with the help of a sponge that you use for your toilet, you can clean it gently. After washing with soap and water the navel should be dried. Take the cotton with alcohol and pass it through the navel slowly. It is very important to clean the folds that form in it with the cotton, in a very delicate way. When you finish cleaning, you should dry the area again to avoid the growth of fungus in your navel.

Second Tip

There are antibacterial soaps that are sold in many stores and in pharmacies. These soaps are highly recommended for the navel, since it contains many bacteria. With a cotton we rub the moistened soap and then we pass through the navel to remove all the dirt. Later we rinse and dry the navel.

Third Tip

If you are the one who washes your navel daily and still complains of a bad odor or infections, what is possibly happening is that you are not drying that area of ​​your body correctly.

Fourth Tip

Olive oil or another oil are allies of cleaning your navel. Before entering the shower put a little of this oil on your navel. This will make it easier for you to clean it in the bathroom, since the oil collects dirt particles more easily and, being slippery, prevents injuries due to poor handling.

You already know that the navel has multiple bacteria, some of them very useful for the body. What you should know is that people who have a Piercing in this area must be more careful in cleaning. It is no secret to anyone that the navel goes unnoticed in our body and even more so when it comes to its hygiene. This is a big concern, although you do not need to clean it daily but once a week. The care of your navel depends solely on you, because for this you do not need to be a doctor or have many tools.

Cleaning with Swabs

Some, instead of a cotton, use a cotton swab for comfort and pour water, Oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol or another astringent into a container. They dip the swab and then the task of gently cleaning the navel begins. The swab allows you to better clean the navel, because being finer it is better inserted into its grooves. This procedure is done depending on how dirty your navel is. Use as many swabs as you consider necessary and always do it very carefully, so that you do not injure yourself. Also remember to dry your navel well when you finish cleaning.

Warnings and Suggestions

Cleaning the navel is very easy, although you must take into account some warnings so that you do not make mistakes and take care of your health. The navel is a very delicate area. Therefore, if you feel any burning, an incessant bad smell or uncontrollable itching, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. If by washing you caused any damage to your navel, you should still see a doctor who tells you what to do. Most of the time they indicate some cream. You must dry and rinse the navel well. This is very important to avoid fungus and bad odours. Any brand of hypnosis will serve to clean your navel. The tips and warnings above are not complicated to follow. Keep it clean and you will also have better hygiene and health on your body. A clean navel is also a sign of health and cleanliness.

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