How To Clean The Kidneys

How To Clean the Kidneys

The kidneys are one of the main organs we have to survive. Perhaps because they are responsible for eliminating waste through urine, in addition to fulfilling other functions related to organic balance. For this reason and more, the kidneys become one of the organs to which we must pay more attention. It is one of the organs that work the most in our body, due to its great capacity and purifying potential. These also produce hormones, cleanse the blood and keep the body as healthy as possible. Although the kidneys are extremely self-sufficient and manage themselves properly on their own, this does not mean that we should stop taking care of them.

How To Clean The Kidneys

 Why take care of the kidneys?

Frequent consumption of water and other liquids is one of the tips that specialists recommend the most to take care of our kidneys, since they can contract certain very painful conditions.

For example, kidney stone or as it is popularly known “kidney stone” is one of the most common ailments. It is a solid formation that forms in the kidney as a result of certain substances contained in the urine. It is a condition that causes pain before and during expulsion from the body, which is known as Nephritic Colic. Although this is one of the most common diseases, the kidney can be the victim of numerous infectious agents. When the kidneys are not working properly, our body sends us signals to take the necessary precautions. Nature has always been extremely wise and has designed our body in such a way that it can communicate with our mind perfectly.

How to know when you need to cleanse the kidneys?

Being one of the organs of our body that works the hardest, the kidneys also get tired and therefore need detoxification and cleansing routines from time to time. Some of the signs we should be aware of are: If you are tired or feel fatigued despite sleeping many hours a day. If you have very high or very low blood pressure. You have pain during urination. If when you wake up your eyes are very swollen You have an irritable mood for no apparent reason. If you notice certain hormonal imbalances. You have dermatological problems, such as acne or other skin rashes. If you suddenly gain weight for no reason. Your belly stays swollen for long periods of time. If you suffer from urinary incontinence or suffer from infections related to urine very often. If you have had a kidney stone in the past. These are some of the clues that our body gives us so that we realize that the kidneys urgently need a deep cleaning.

Incorporate healthy habits

Likewise, if you feel some of these symptoms, you should start thinking about incorporating certain habits into your daily routine that allow you to enjoy good health in general. There is no doubt that one of the best advices, both from doctors and from popular knowledge, is exercise. Practicing an hour of exercise, a day is one of the most effective habits to prevent health problems, such as kidney ailments. It is also recommended that a healthy diet be maintained, especially controlling the most artificial products. Processed and industrial foods can contain a series of substances that contribute toxins to our body, which cannot then be eliminated through urine. Avoid abusing salt, sugar, dairy and alcoholic beverages, could prevent kidney disease. Some medications are also harmful to the kidneys, if we consume them daily. For example, aspirin, ibuprofen, and similar drugs have long-term effects on the kidney system.

How to clean the kidneys?

Thanks to the advancement of alternative and natural medicine, many of the most common ailments that we usually suffer from can be solved without necessarily having to go to the doctor. By this we do not mean that this is the only medicine that we use. Always the first thing, especially if the pain is severe, is to go to our family doctor. Natural juices are one of the best alternatives to detoxify our kidneys. The main fruits that we recommend have diuretic properties, which allow the body to be cleaned of waste, in this case in a liquid state. Fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, strawberry and apple are classified in this type of food, so we would recommend that you prepare natural juices with them. Likewise, there are vegetables and vegetables that have similar capacities and that can be mixed with the aforementioned products. For example:

Natural celery and apple juice

To prepare this drink you need two apples and three stalks of celery, foods that you have to wash beforehand. Cut the apples into small squares and chop the celery. Finally, blend them until they are well mixed, adding a little cold water and drink the mixture as soon as possible for best results.

Natural pineapple and strawberry juice

This is one of the most delicious juices, due to the sweetness of these fruits, so it will not be unpleasant to drink. Strawberries usually eliminate existing stones in the kidneys and pineapple provides the necessary potassium to the body. With a cup of strawberries and two or three wheels of pineapple, it is an extremely healthy and exquisite natural juice. The last solution that we propose is not a single recommendation in itself, but rather we present you with a healthy routine that you can carry out for a few days, at least three to be effective.

cleaning routine

Before starting, it is important that, during the days that you perform this procedure, you avoid the consumption of certain substances and foods that will make it difficult to thoroughly cleanse your kidneys. Coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, salt and foods with a high protein content are the products that you should keep an eye on during the routine. You can also take advantage of this break from bad habits and try to eliminate them from your life altogether, especially alcohol consumption. Liquids should be replaced by mineral water, meat by flaxseed or sunflower seeds and almonds. While we understand that you might experience some anxiety, these products keep you well fueled and won’t let you burn out in the middle of the day. You can start your day with a healthy breakfast that includes a natural blueberry smoothie, a berry that facilitates the reduction of calcium levels in our body. Then mid-morning drink the natural pineapple and strawberry juice explained above. Later you can accompany lunch with a watermelon seed tea and finally for dinner a natural carrot juice. Accompany this routine with a little sport, for at least half an hour. It is about maintaining a balanced diet for a certain time with the aim of detoxifying the kidneys. If these tips finally motivate you to make a big change in your diet, surely not only your kidneys will be healthy, but your entire body.

We hope that the recommendations presented will give you what you need to properly cleanse your kidneys.

Do not lose sight of the specialist

Being one of the most essential organs, its care becomes a priority. Although if the ailments are constant and the pain is getting stronger, we recommend that you see your doctor as soon as possible, since if it is a more severe condition, these recommendations will not be enough.

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