How To Calm Anxiety

How To Calm Anxiety

Throughout the entire article we will focus on talking about some of the techniques to Calm Anxiety. As well as a deep approach to this disorder, which today begins to take on more and more importance. To such an extent that in countries like Spain, the percentage of people suffering from this disorder is increasing, even more than people who have cases of depression. Wanting to calm anxiety goes through trying to gain control over your emotional states. We will teach you to master a variety of relaxation techniques and discover some tricks. Tricks that on many occasions have proven to be effective in controlling and overcoming that psychological state in a person. Man is not so much concerned with real problems as with his imagined anxieties about real problems.

How To Calm Anxiety

A very wise and profound phrase attributed by the Greek philosopher Epithet. Phrase which if we stop to analyze, we will come to the conclusion that he is very right. And we do not mention it just to flatter the quoted philosopher, but because of the veracity of its meaning. It is also a phrase that is excellent to remind us of one of the main tricks of anxiety. Since this could be seen in a metaphorical sense, as a psychological parasite that feeds on your thoughts. Perhaps our words tend to be exaggerated, but the truth is that it is not far from being true. Those who have had an anxiety attack will better understand the meaning of what we say.

What is causing Anxiety?

Many times, anxiety originates from the thoughts that we instill in ourselves by anticipating a future that, of course, has not yet arrived. And we do it by imagining the worst-case scenario or experiencing the worst situations that may arise from such a prediction. “And if I say ‘I accept’ and then I regret having made this decision. Turning out to be the worst decision of my life!” Yes, that is a very valid example. Obviously, knowing how to deal with or control this state is essential in order to feel much better. In this way we will be much more effective in preventing or avoiding both health and mental problems associated with anxiety. The million-dollar question is… How do I overcome or calm anxiety? Do not worry, that question will be answered below, with the techniques that we will show you to treat anxiety.

Instructions to Calm Anxiety

Actually, more than instructions, they are techniques that will help you calm anxiety. And as we have already mentioned before, the techniques that we will present to you later are really effective techniques to treat anxiety. Of course, in order to see optimal results, you must bring a certain degree of commitment or determination. Anxiety is not fought only by reading the article, but also by exercising what is explained in it.

Learn to tell yourself “Stop!”

Knowing when to stop or stop is a skill that few master, not only in psychological fields or that are related to anxiety, but in general the human being seems that by nature he does not know when to stop.

But returning to the focus on the main topic, knowing how to handle this term and having it on hand to know how to apply it to yourself will result in an Insta kill every time your head begins to go off the rails with those thoughts that generate anxiety. Although it is the most efficient and fastest technique, its mastery is not the simplest due to what was previously mentioned. In fact, if you manage to master this technique in a short time. You acquire every right to consider yourself an amazing and unusual person. The best way to practice it is to tell yourself in every moment of anxiety “STOP!”, “Enough is enough”, “STOP”. Eh even imagining that you remove each thought with your hand, as if they were flies. You can complement this technique perfectly with the following…

Calm Anxiety by Doing Something. Likewise, bluntly and immediately. Do any activity that shifts your brain’s focus, something that helps distract your mind while you engage it in the activity. If you find yourself resting in the living room of your house and you begin to experience these intrusive thoughts. GET UP! Go watch TV, play a video game, read a book or if possible, call a friend to visit you and hang out.

Deep Breathing is Still Valid.

Take a deep breath, count to ten and calm your mind. Perhaps it is the most common recommendation for this type of situation, and if so, many people recommend it, it is because it must be very effective. It is more than proven that it is one of the most effective techniques to calm anxiety. Have you noticed that when we have anxiety we breathe shallowly? This is a reality, and as you can imagine, it worsens the symptoms. Take a deep breath, that’s the key. There is a breathing technique called “Abdominal Breathing”. Do it for 5 minutes, the chances are high that in that time we will achieve a state of relaxation, then we will give you the instructions to apply this technique. Sit or lie down properly. Place one hand on your abdomen, to be more exact under your ribs. Inhale the air slowly and only through your nose. Go as low as you can, see how your abdomen rises and as you do so, your chest will move slowly. Hold your breath for a moment before exhaling. Finally exhale slowly all the air. You will feel as if your arms and legs “collapse”. Don’t worry, that’s the feeling we’re after. Repeat the process for 5 minutes or as long as you consider necessary. You must do this little exercise for only 5 minutes; it will not take much time and believe us that it is worth trying. We can recommend that during those 5 minutes you do between 2 to 3 series of 10 repetitions.

Tips to Calm Anxiety

We have given you some very good techniques to deal with anxiety. We hope that these techniques will be useful to you and that you will be able to get the most out of it. However, we will provide you with some very useful advice that is complementary to the information given. The first is about avoiding stimulants like nicotine, sugar, and caffeine. Especially the latter, since it has a stimulating effect that makes you more alert.

We know that this can be an advantage in certain circumstances, but in the case of presenting a case of anxiety, it will only work as fuel for the “fire”.  Keep in mind that caffeine is in many products, which means that your cup of coffee, the one you drink in the morning, is not the only dose of caffeine you ingest. For example, in products such as energy drinks or Coca-Cola, they usually have a considerable level of caffeine. The second advice that we want to contribute is to practice some sport. It is a tip that is not viable for everyone, or at all times, but the truth is that it turns out to be one of the most powerful ways to fight anxiety. Therefore, we invite you to keep it in mind whenever you have the opportunity. And without further ado, we hope that everything expressed in the article will be useful to you in your battle to calm anxiety. If you still want to read more blogs related to health, why not try reading the following article on « Pneumonia in children «. We are sure it will catch your attention.

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