How To Brush Your Teeth Well

How To Brush Your Teeth Well?

Every day we carry out tasks that we consider to be of a daily nature. Tasks that due to their simplicity and monotony we take for granted that we perform efficiently, or perhaps due to their very simplicity we do not even stop to question ourselves: Am I doing it right? Possibly being the brushing of the teeth, or brushing, one of those routine tasks. If you got here, it is because you have asked yourself the question previously mentioned, if that is the case, congratulations! Because today the gift of questions will explain how to brush your teeth well. This daily hygiene habit often goes unnoticed in the lives of many people. It may be that due to lack of advice or mere laziness, people ignore that after a simple task there is a correct technique. Well, if you thought that just passing the toothbrush through your mouth was enough, I’m afraid you’re wrong. The mouth is not only made up of the teeth, let us remember that we have the gums, the tongue, and of course, the inner area of ​​the teeth. In addition to the parts mentioned, how they are washed should also be taken into account. Well, due to the grooves that separate each tooth, they force us to brush in certain directions, in order to carry out a proper cleaning. We will go into details with these sections later, but I think that with what has been said it is more than clear that brushing your teeth well is more “complex” than it seems.

How To Brush Your Teeth Well

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Correct technique to brush your teeth well.

Let’s pick up this entry right where we left off, on brushing technique. As we well know, the teeth are separated by rows in our mouth. Each tooth leaves a short gap with the other, which means that to brush the front teeth well we must do it from the top down (upper jaw). And from bottom to top (lower jaw). Doing it this way prevents food residue and more dirt from accumulating in the groove that separates each tooth. What makes it clear that brushing the front teeth from side to side does not give us optimal cleaning. The same should be done with the inner area of ​​the teeth (the side that is not shown when smiling). From top to bottom with the upper jaw, and from bottom to top with the lower one. In the case of grinding wheels, it is very similar, only that there is an extra step. As you well know, the upper part of the tooth (the same one we use to chew or grind food). It must be brushed with a different technique. In this case, it consists of placing the cells of the brush against the tooth, and then brushing from the inside out. Brushing your teeth well is not complex, it’s just a matter of understanding how your teeth are located to clean them correctly. However, the teeth are only 40% of oral cleanliness, we still need to treat the other parts.

How to clean the other parts of the mouth.

We still need to treat the gums and tongue. How to wash them is extremely simple, even more so than the teeth themselves. Since we only have to clean from the inside out, (for the inner cheeks). And from top to bottom and bottom to top depending on the upper and lower gums. There is some debate on whether to clean the gums with the cells of the brush, or if it should be done with the rough rubber on the back. The correct thing is to do it with the brush, since this will give you better coverage and reach on the gums. Of course, you should not perform the movement with great force, otherwise you will start to bleed. It’s just a matter of making smooth movements and following the technique explained. As for the tongue, we only have to clean it in a circular way with, now, the rough rubber of the brush. In fact, this implementation became standard in toothbrushes to precisely carve the tongue. It is important to wash the tongue well since this is how bad breath is considerably reduced. You shouldn’t forget to clean thoroughly though (just be careful not to induce vomiting by touching your uvula).

Final recommendations. To conclude, we can only leave you with a couple of very useful oral hygiene recommendations, which will help you maintain better care and clean your teeth: Every 4 or 6 months try to go to the dentist to perform a dental cleaning. Use dental floss to remove any debris deposited between the teeth. After brushing, rinse your mouth with mouthwash. This not only makes your teeth stronger, but it further reduces bad breath and keeps your teeth looking neat. If you liked the article, consider visiting our related post: How to file teeth.

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