How To Be Cured Of Human Papilloma

How To Be Cured of Human Papilloma

When we talk about sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS or HIV comes to mind for all of us. In fact, all sexual education programs in schools are geared towards the use of protection when having sex. However, many other types of diseases that must be taken into account and that can cause numerous damages to our body are overlooked. Obviously, scientific advances have made it possible to remedy these diseases in the same way that human papilloma is treated. Although it is possible to find a remedy, prevention is always better by using a condom or condom.

How To Be Cured Of Human Papilloma

What is human papilloma?

The human papilloma virus is known, from a scientific point of view, as HPV, and although for many the most repeated around the world is AIDS, statistics make it clear that HPV is the sexually transmitted disease that affects more patients. It’s a risk, just like other practices like steal thing. According to general rules, this type of disease does not have serious consequences but, in some cases, it can cause cancer or genital warts. The problem with this type of disease is that we can find 200 different types, so its diagnosis and eradication is somewhat more complicated, as we will see below. In fact, it can affect from the genital organs of both sexes to the anus, the rectum and even the mouth and the different parts that surround it. Human papilloma infections that are transmitted through the reproductive organ during sexual intercourse are very common. In fact, few people have not suffered from it throughout their lives. However, one of its peculiarities is that in most cases it is not perceived that it has been infected. The affected person is perfectly well and, therefore, does not even worry about having said disease. In this sense, most types of HPV are not serious or worrying and end up disappearing over time. The form of transfer of this type of disease is not different from that of another type of sexually transmitted disease. When condoms are not used, contact with one of the genitals that is infected with said disease will cause the transmission of the virus. As with mononucleosis, mouth and saliva contact is also enough to cause rapid and agile transmission of the disease. Nowadays, in today’s society there is a great controversy around STDs. Many people may feel embarrassed or afraid of contracting one. However, in this case, the human papillomavirus is harmless in most cases. In addition, as we have said before, there are many people who have suffered from it and, therefore, if you are one of those affected, you should not back down from any type of sexual relationship because you have been infected with HPV. In fact, if we use protection there should never be any problem for the other person who has suffered such a problem.

Benefits of curing human papilloma

As we will see below, there is no cure for the human papillomavirus. However, correct prevention and not having HPV does bring many benefits. The most prominent are the following: good level of health. Enjoying a correct state of health, in addition to staying stable, is one of the objectives that we need to be well with ourselves and be able to carry out all the activities that we would like. Avoid possible complications. As a general rule, the human papillomavirus goes away on its own and does not leave numerous problems. However, there are exceptions that can lead to serious symptoms. Therefore, if we can avoid contracting HPV, we can save ourselves some kind of setback. Improve self-esteem. If our brain warns that we have some kind of disease, it can end up playing tricks on us. Therefore, if we know that we are healthy, we will not have any type of unexpected setback. Confidence in sexual relationships. In our intimate relationships, sexually transmitted diseases can be a problem. We can have a hard time and think that the other person will not want to sleep with us. Therefore, solving the human papillomavirus problem will give us greater confidence.

How to cure human papilloma

If you are looking for a cure for human papilloma, we are sorry to inform you that there is no cure for this type of virus since it usually disappears on its own. However, several types of this disease can cause greater problems. HPV 6 and 11 usually cause warts to appear on both the vulva and the penis. Perhaps at an aesthetic level it is not entirely pleasant, but luckily, at a health level they do not represent any type of problem. Instead, the worst are type 16 and 18. They are considered the most dangerous for the simple reason that they can cause cervical cancer, in addition to the appearance of malignant tumors in the genital apparatus, the anus, as well as the mouth and throat. Although there is no cure, science does have remedies to give you prevention mechanisms and, obviously, there are treatments to eradicate genital warts. On the one hand, health professionals will apply the necessary treatment so that your genital apparatus can look like before. On the other hand, educational programs already warn of the importance of using condoms in any type of sexual relationship. Following their advice will prevent us from contracting the human papillomavirus. If we have any type of suspicion of having had this type of virus, there is a test popularly known as Pap. It does not detect HPV as such, but it does detect some cellular modifications that can be interpreted as the presence of human papilloma. In the event that the test can be considered positive, it is not a reason for nervousness either. You won’t necessarily get cancer, but it means you’re more likely to get it in the future. Therefore, you will have to go to regular check-ups with your trusted doctor to prevent said medical condition from getting worse.

On the other hand, this type of test is only performed on the cervix. Therefore, all men or transsexuals who have had a penis only have the option of the human papillomavirus vaccine. Of course, we must also be attentive to the possible grains that may appear on the penis. This type of vaccine is very effective in protecting against types 16 and 18, precisely those that we have mentioned above that are capable of producing cervical cancer. Unlike other types of vaccines, in this case it is necessary to apply up to three separate doses. First, the first will be applied. Subsequently, after two months the second will be applied and four months after the latter they will put the third and last. Obviously, the consent of a doctor is necessary and its application in children is especially recommended. In this case, only two doses are necessary. One, and another six months later. In this way, they will be completely protected against this virus before puberty and when sexual desire begins to awaken. Undoubtedly, human papilloma is one of the most typical sexually transmitted diseases today, although it is not too harmful.

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