How To Avoid Numbness In Your Hands And Feet.

How To Avoid Numbness in Your Hands and Feet

My job requires the constant use of walking and using my hands to work and that sometimes causes numbness in my hands and feet. Lately my hands and feet are numb more than anything at night when I go to sleep. I have tried massaging these areas to prevent cramping but they are painful. What should I do to heal the ailments caused by night numbness? Since my lifestyle is due to the work I currently perform. Well, here we have the solution if you take advice and previous reviews that we will give you based on studies carried out by medical specialists in the field. It is logical that you take a visit to your family doctor as a precaution since he will give you an adequate treatment to alleviate the ills you suffer from. One of the most likely reasons for numbness or spasms in your hand or both, as well as your feet. They can be due to a lack of vitamin B12, low levels of calcium, potassium, sodium, bites from certain animals or insect bites. Medical prescriptions or it may be a major cause such as a nerve injury. Either pressure on the peripheral nerves or pressure on the spinal nerves. That is why it is always recommended to go to a doctor to evaluate the situation. Giving you a solution to the problem. However, as long as you make the right decision, you can massage the affected area at home and, at the earliest, immerse your hands and feet in cold water.

How To Avoid Numbness In Your Hands And Feet.

Possible causes that produce numbness in the hands and feet.

One of the most possible causes that can affect day-to-day tasks, whether doing them at home or at work, is poor blood circulation. Although it is not superfluous to take into account the other reasons stated in the previous paragraph that can be detected by medical specialists. Other possible causes of numbness or tingling that leave a lot of concern are chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, herniated disc and diabetes, these diseases cause blood to not flow normally through the arteries creating a very unpleasant sensation like a sting that causes pain in some cases. In this case, it is good to limit making a change in posture when sitting for a long time. Elevating in the case of the feet. Place the legs at a considerable height that gives symmetry to the heart. Giving massages that may be uncomfortable at the time the tingling arises but will help to quickly overcome the discomfort. As for the hands. You can raise your arms for short times and massage each of the fingers. You will feel relief if you resort to compresses of cold water or ice cloths if you tolerate the temperature.

Home remedies to prevent numbness in hands and feet.

It is good to follow the advice of grandmothers from time to time, but it is worth following those who know about natural medicine, such as nutritionists. They will recommend, apart from eating a diet according to age and lifestyle, they can suggest that you practice either at work or at home or simply when slight tingling occurs. To make these excellent home treatments. Perform progressive massages on the affected parts. Helping yourself with menthol creams or ointments containing capsaicin or gel that produce heat in the affected area. These treatments do not require a prescription and you can get them without any problem in pharmacies or naturopathic establishments. Aerobic exercises performed for a period of 30 to 40 minutes as well as activities where you use jogging machines or treadmills, bicycles, hydro-gymnastics and exercises where you strengthen your muscles. They help to obtain good benefits to improve numbness. Body stretching before going to sleep or before getting up helps improve blood circulation, release stress, nerve tension, anxiety and other ills. So much so that they improve the health of the person who practices this therapeutic technique. Food is one of the most important there is as a therapy. Since by nourishing yourself well eating balanced and free of saturated fats you will obtain good benefits. As long as you put aside the consumption of alcoholic beverages and excess salt and include tea infusions with plants that contain anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant substances.

Another therapy that helps prevent numbness.

If you practice acupuncture therapy as a natural alternative. You will avoid the annoying pain caused by night numbness. Since it is considered a natural option that helps to rebalance the energy that emanates from the body, causing the vascular arteries to flow normally, causing the blood to circulate normally. If the pain persists due to the annoying tingling, we recommend in these cases to visit a medical specialist who will send the appropriate treatment depending on the case and change the eating habits, in addition to adopting new work postures and becoming aware to avoid worse evils.

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