How To Avoid Irritable Bowel Ailments

How To Avoid Irritable Bowel Ailments

If you have trouble going to the bathroom or, on the contrary, you suffer from diarrhea, colic and an upset stomach, it is most likely that you have an irritable bowel. This is a very common disease in Spain and throughout the world, first because food has been industrialized and processed, in such a way that 99% of the natural fiber has been eliminated; and second due to viral problems or hereditary genetics. This affects the daily life of people, in a labor and psychological way, since the discomfort and inconvenience of its symptoms do not allow daily activities to be carried out normally; forcing people to try to heal as soon as possible. It should be noted that this is a very delicate situation, since if it is not treated in time, it can aggravate the situation and even turn into colon cancer. Irritable colon is the cause of thousands of diseases, which are generated by not correcting this problem in time. For this reason, in this article, we will give you many recommendations so that you can cure your irritable bowel as soon as possible. However, this disease cannot be treated in the same way in all people, because it manifests itself in different ways, in some cases with a lot of diarrheas and in others with a lot of constipation and many cases are intermittent. Depending on the food you eat and the environment where the patient operates. Many people from birth are allergic to various foods and do not know it, so they suffer from discomfort since childhood and do not worry about seeing what is happening with their digestive system and colon. Children ages 1 to 8 are more likely to have colon problems; since these are in formation and if their mothers do not give them the diet recommended by doctors for each age, they damage their colon from the beginning. That is why it is very important for parents to get good advice from their pediatrician to give their children the right diet for each year of life, so they can have healthy growth and development of their digestive system. On the other hand, older adults also suffer a lot from irritable colon, since over the years the internal hairs of the colon are lost and these are the ones that cause processed foods to mobilize and come out in the form of you are

How To Avoid Irritable Bowel Ailments

The most common way to detect these problems is with a colonoscopy, which is usually ordered by a gastroenterologist, to check the condition of the colon on the inside, and an abdominal MRI to rule out tumors outside the colon or any other health problem. related to the intestines. It should be noted that the doctor will ask you a series of questions to take a medical history and be able to be more assertive with the treatment that is going to be implemented.

But don’t worry, because everything has a solution, later we will give you several home remedies that are very effective and that have changed many people’s lives. Since they solved all these symptoms almost completely, without having to perform so many cumbersome and uncomfortable medical procedures. We are always inclined to use natural solutions as they do not produce side effects and are very good for curing irritable bowel. For this reason, we recommend that you do not get depressed or feel sad, on the contrary, we encourage you to change your life with practical and natural solutions. You just have to read carefully and you will see the recommendations that we will give you below.

Instructions to avoid irritable bowel ailments

We are going to start by giving you the recommendations if your case of irritable bowel is constipation. People who suffer from constipation due to irritable bowel also have other very common symptoms, such as heartburn and poor digestion. To completely cure acidity, you must take a whole cucumber, remove the shell and put it in the blender with half a cup of water, with the seeds. Take a smoothie cucumber, in the way we explained, every time you have heartburn and you will see that in a short time it will not give you more heartburn. On the other hand, to heal or cure constipation, we recommend you take a coconut and grate it as finely as possible, then blend it with a cup of water, after it is ready, strain it and drink only the milk.
With the strained coconut milk, take a few pieces of pineapple and add it to the milk to liquefy it. Take half a cup before going to sleep and you will see that you will go to the bathroom every day in the morning. Orange juice with carrot and beetroot is also very good to cure constipation. Take this juice with meals. If your case of irritable bowel is continuous diarrhea, every time you notice that you are going to have diarrhea, take a green banana. You stripe it, you put it to boil with two striped white onions and a little salt to taste. This will be a slightly thick soup, but very good for restoring the intestinal flora and normalizing the esophagus. If you have a lot of colic and gas, take a little ginger and oregano, boil it and make an infusion, add a few drops of lemon and a little sugar. You will notice how all the internal gases come out quickly. If the diarrhea is in young children, you can take a half cup of rice, put it in a pot to toast without water. When the rice is a little brown or toasted, add water and a little sugar, this stops diarrhea quickly.

Tips to avoid irritable bowel ailments

The first advice is that you must identify what your problem is with the irritable colon in order to treat it. If it is constipation, we recommend you drink a lot of water, many people have this problem because they drink very little water during the day and because they have a sedentary life. Try to do physical exercise and the most recommended is to run in the mornings; this will make your colon move and activate very early to do its job. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables, especially in soups, so that your colon can work more comfortably and you will see that constipation ends. If your problem is diarrhea, avoid consuming milk or fruit as these things cause the intestines to be activated a lot and many people are allergic to lactose or fructose. Avoid eating fried foods or foods with a lot of fat, this makes the diarrhea not stop, do not eat canned food or pork and much less its derivatives. We recommend that you consume pure fish meat and grilled chicken. Do not eat beans or other grains, as this will give you a lot of cramps and abdominal pain. If with these tips that we are giving you, you do not cure your irritable bowel, you should go to the specialist so that they can carry out a more in-depth study and recommend a more specific treatment. If you have a lot of diarrheas and feel faint from weakness, drink a glass of water, add three large tablespoons of sugar and a half of salt, this will be a serum that will restore your spirits while you get to the doctor. If you have a lot of gas and abdominal pain, we recommend a chamomile tea with a little sugar, you will immediately feel a lot of pain relief. Do not drink soft drinks or drinks with dyes, also completely eliminate coffee, this is an enemy of the colon.

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