How Much Does A Bichectomy Cost

How Much Does a Bichectomy Cost?

Have you proposed to lose the weight you have gained during confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic? Since you spent a lot of time at home, not getting enough physical activity, eating and sleeping, it is not surprising that now you want to shed some extra pounds. However, despite following a strict diet and a fairly dynamic exercise routine, it is likely that there are certain areas of your body with which you are not entirely satisfied. In general, they are parts where a large amount of localized fat accumulates and that detracts from your physical appearance. Some of these problem areas are the arms, around the hips, the neck and the cheeks. In fact, in relation to the latter, those who have very pronounced cheeks, the shape of their face tends to be round, which has the consequence that the person sees himself with more weight than he really has.

How Much Does A Bichectomy Cost

Although it is true that there are exercises designed to outline the features of the face, the results are not usually seen in a short time, which means that, on occasions, the people who perform them feel dissatisfied and unmotivated. However, there are other alternatives that show the results much faster, such is the case of surgeries. For those who want to have the figure of their dreams in a short time and with the least possible effort, undergoing an operation is the solution to all their problems. The surgery that is responsible for extracting the fat stored in the cheeks is called a dichotomy. If you are interested in practicing it, how much is this operation worth in Spain? Knowing the answer to this question can lead you to take the final step towards a profiled face. In this post I will be telling you, its cost.


 When thinking about the possibility of undergoing surgery, it is normal for you to ask yourself certain questions. For example, “how am I going to look?” and “how much is it going to cost me?” In the case of bichectomy, you can save that, since it has been shown that the operation is very effective, offers permanent results, is not usually very expensive, and is the definitive solution to achieve slimming of the face. Therefore, it is in great demand worldwide. But what is a bichectomy? It consists of the extraction or extirpation of the Bichat balls. These are a deposit of fat that is located in the region of the cheekbones. It is a kind of vascularized fat that fulfills the function of supporting or cushioning the facial skeleton and that is usually pronounced when weight gain occurs. Bichectomy is a simple and minimally invasive surgery whose objective is to remove the adipose tissue found in the region of the cheekbones, through small incisions made inside the cheeks. Best of all, you are guaranteed to be a permanent solution as Bichat balls do not regrow and the operation leaves no scars.

What do you need

Being aware of how much a bichectomy costs is one of the most important things you need to know. In general, this treatment usually has quite affordable prices, since it is a very simple procedure. However, it must be performed by a specialist, it requires local anesthesia and adequate hospital conditions. On average, the price of this surgery is between 1,300 and 2,000 euros. Because it is a minimal intervention, it does not require admission or postoperative care. Only a local anesthetic need to be administered and is therefore quite affordable. It is even possible to find some clinics that offer promotions for this treatment. The reduced-price ranges between 700 and 1000 euros. Although each clinic has its own rates for professional fees, many of them offer financing for operations like this so that you can count on the care of the best specialists. In addition, you must take into account that, before the operation, it is advisable to visit the doctor for a quick check-up. Although this supposes an extra cost, many clinics offer this consultation totally free and without any commitment. Therefore, before making the decision to undergo this treatment in a particular clinic, check the prices in different places to make sure that it is the best option for you and that your budget fits your pocket well. The important thing is that you receive quality care at the best price.


Although the bichectomy postoperative period is usually a bit painful, you can recover quickly if you follow the recommendations given by the surgeon. Some of them are: After the intervention, keep the compression bandage on for a couple of hours. Apply cold to the area, during the first two days, to reduce inflammation. Take the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor for 5 or 7 days. In order to help recovery, you should follow a liquid diet and gradually incorporate soft foods, as directed by your doctor. After a week you can introduce other foods. However, you should always do it under the supervision of your treating doctor. Intensify the oral cleaning routine. Especially after you have ingested some liquid or other food. This is very important as this will significantly reduce the risk of suffering from an infection. Two weeks after the surgical intervention, you will be able to resume, normally, most of the habits that you had before the surgery, such as exercising, eating chewing gum and even smoking cigarettes. Although it is true that the results of the bichectomy are immediate, they will become much more noticeable after a month of the intervention. You will notice that your face looks much slimmer and more contoured. Do not be alarmed if the first days you see that the swelling is a lot, since this is one of the normal postoperative symptoms. Over the days, the area will go down until it returns to normal.

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