How Can You Combat Insomnia

How Can You Combat Insomnia?

The world is progressively changing, and with it the concerns and anxieties expressed by human beings. Causing the man’s heart rate to be altered giving way to stress that produces insomnia. Insomnia affects people’s lifestyle, disrupting their sleep. Common sleeping hours are 7 to 8 hours, although this varies from person to person depending on their age. Constant trips to places with different hours than usual, frequent changes in shift work, bad sleeping habits and even an excess of food at bedtime at night, are some of the most frequent causes that produce insomnia. When people do not sleep their regular hours, they are prone to diabetes, their immune system tends to lower making them more susceptible to viral diseases, also the mood changes making them more irritable, moody and suffering from anxiety.

How Can You Combat Insomnia

As for adolescents, if we refer to insomnia as a powerful weapon of destruction. Since they are always exposed to developing anxieties and depressions that lead them to eat more than necessary, making them obese and even their school performance is very low. But before starting, would you like to read How to eliminate excess flatulence in people?

Practical suggestions to combat insomnia.

The day to day consumes us, for the simple action of activating the eagerness, which we put into carrying out any activity in any area. Seek inner peace, take life easy. Remember that we were born to be happy and this is achieved by having health and self-esteem (peace). Here I propose a small list of some suggestions that I have put into practice in my lifestyle and it has worked for me. Now I sleep my regular hours and wake up refreshed and active to carry out all my responsibilities. In your basic diet, consume foods that have tryptophans. This compound is present in chicken, turkey, plantain (banana), tuna, salmon, pineapple, nuts, avocado, milk, egg, plum, among others. It is recommended to do physical exercises during the day and not at night, after 8 pm it is not suggested since the body secretes endorphins, altering the process of falling asleep. Close windows and doors to avoid outside noise, you will also prevent excess light from entering. Have your room air-conditioned before taking the dream. Cool temperature that your body adapts to go to rest. Avoid mobile devices, radio, television or any device that is turned on. Get into a daily routine when it comes to going to bed. Avoid consuming heavy or abundant foods, do not drink alcohol, do not smoke and try to drink less liquid to avoid the urge to urinate. If insomnia persists, you can take natural medicines or pharmaceutical pills as long as they are recommended by experts. If you are one of those who take naps after lunch, make sure that these are not a maximum of 30 minutes. Read a good book (if it’s the bible much better), this will relax you.

Herbal treatments.

Mother Nature provides us with a wide variety of herbs and medicinal plants that will help us eliminate insomnia. If you consume them either in infusions or as a dressing to dress meals, they will provide you with more stable health. Among them we have: Passionflower, is analgesic, acts as a sedative to eliminate headaches, migraines. Lettuce leaves, consuming them either in salads or in a tea, will relax you. Chamomile, it is effective to take it when your daily work has been strong, it also helps reduce cholesterol and inflammation. Lavender, is a classic in teas, apart from freeing you from stress, it also cures fever, bronchitis, asthma, cures the common cold and even heals wounds. Valerian, its photochemical compounds, reduce anxiety and improve your relaxation to fall asleep. Lemon balm, also called pennyroyal or lemon balm, fights insomnia, indigestion and even removes cold sores. Tila or commonly called linden tea, this infusion is also a classic that apart from calming the nerves, you fall asleep quickly. Turmeric or turmeric, because it has antibiotic properties, is widely consumed, and if you mix it with a lemon and honey to taste, you repower its properties. Banana or banana, this tea relaxes the muscles and blood vessels, making your sleep deeper. In India they suggest that ashwagandha tea be consumed and nutritionists share the idea since this infusion treats hypertension, combats fatigue and helps clear the mind.

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