Fruits That Should Be Given To Children

Fruits That Should Be Given to Children

For children of early life, care must be taken in the food that is going to be administered. Since the ideal is to offer him a diet that does not harm his health and keeps his immune system prepared for any eventuality that may arise when you proceed to modify his daily diet. Before the baby’s first year of life. You cannot play with your diet as it affects the course of your life as you grow. The ideal is not to strain your digestive system. It is best to maintain breastfeeding for 6 months as the main source of food. Once these months have elapsed. With the help of a pediatrician, you can add porridge to your diet. Soups, natural fruit juices. Among others and together with these foods, you can complement your breastfeeding up to approximately 2 years. As nature offers us endless fruits rich in vitamins that strengthen and help the growth of the infant. It is good to limit in this article the fruits that are recommended at that age. It is best to consult the pediatrician to follow his recommendations. Although there are mothers who stick to the recommendations of the grandmothers. It is worth following the steps of a specialist. Remember that all babies’ stomachs are not the same and you cannot play with the life and natural development of the child.

Fruits That Should Be Given To Children

Fruits recommended by specialists during their first year of life.

It is good to limit in this article that babies cannot be introduced into their daily diet before their first year of life acidic or citric fruits such as tangerines. Lemon and orange because we would be damaging their digestive system, manifesting allergies and other health problems. Although we know that these fruits are rich in vitamin C, which helps to raise the defenses to avoid colds, it is good to take them into account in your diet after two years of life. Take into consideration this short list of fruits that you can give your baby to feed him and prepare his digestive system to adapt to other types of food. The sugar apple or sugar apple. It is a sugary fruit rich in vitamins and minerals that helps increase the body’s defenses, keeping your baby healthy. The plum prepared in porridge or compote is ideal to avoid constipation. the banana Ripe plantain or banana can be prepared as you wish, either roasted, steamed or boiled in water. This fruit helps the formation of new tissues that are essential for its normal growth, it also prevents scurvy. The pear, whether cooked or scratched raw, helps to develop and strengthen the baby’s bones and teeth, this is because it is rich in calcium. Other fruits that are recommended during the 2 years of life supplemented with breast milk are apples, papaya, melon and avocado. Whether prepared in purees or juices. Remember that it is not necessary to add sugar, it is better to make the most of the natural sugars in fruits to avoid childhood diabetes.

Home remedies recommended by nutritionists in case of stomach diseases

We know that grandmothers always rely on home-prepared remedies that are used to cure some stomach diseases that affect the baby’s health. More, however, it is good to consult with the nutritionist or pediatrician to be sure of its application and not lead to worse evils. The diseases that you can alleviate with home remedies are the following: If your baby suffers from eczema due to the use of cow’s milk in his diet. We recommend that you feed it with almond milk. This will lower the moisture in your skin preventing the swelling from getting worse. Acute diarrhea can be cured by supplying whey and almond milk mixed while the bacterial flora is restored. It is worth reminding them that once the baby has recovered from the condition, return to their normal diet referred by a specialist. Almond milk is low in calcium and does not help strengthen children with delayed development, especially newborns. The more you can incorporate in these cases coconut milk. To combat parasites or as a purgative in children. You can use a teaspoon of milk mixed with the freshly taken milk from the papaya. Another option that we leave you to avoid these diseases would be an infusion prepared with the root of blackberries sweetened with a little honey. This recipe is only given for children who are between 12 months and older. It goes without saying that these are suggestions that are feasible to recover the health of the infant. But it is always good to take the references and advice of specialists and more so if it is your child.

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