Fruits That Cure Diseases

Fruits That Cure Diseases

There are people who suffer from diseases that can be cured just by applying the consumption of watery and fresh fruits to their daily diet. These can be consumed or applied to the affected area. Whether in jelly, poultices, syrups, infusions, whether they are cold or hot, and other types of therapies or treatments used by nutritionists whose fundamental basis is to obtain the medicine contained in the fruits. If you are going to make the decision to carry out cures and healing of any type of illness that you have or you want to help someone else. It takes into account your health status based on the results obtained through health specialists. Remember that not everyone has a good immune system. And it’s good to have doctor’s supervision. Also, if your body has been very weak due to diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, lightheadedness or dizziness and even a headache. You must suspend or perform this type of cure or healing.

Fruits That Cure Diseases

And if you are obese due to excessive intake of foods rich in fat that tend to concentrate in the tissues and even in the intestines or because your metabolism has problems with digestion or fluid concentration. This cure is effective in giving you the healing you desire. But if the obesity you have is due to thyroid or hormone problems. We suggest seeing a specialist doctor since this type of fruit-based cure does not work.

Types of diseases that can be cured with fruits.

If you are going to incorporate in your mealtimes the fruits that heal any type of disease that you may suffer or suspect of any. We suggest below some fruit treatments that will help you combat such evils. Sour or intestinal acidity. You can combat this by simply preparing an infusion with the milky shell for 20 minutes and drinking it very cold. Cancer, for this type of disease the consumption of grapes, orange, barley, nuts, coconut, corn, oats, almonds, soybeans, buckwheat, celery and wheat is recommended. Teeth whitening, apple zest is effective by applying it once a week, lemon juice also helps clean and whiten. Amoebas, shell or milky shell liquefied with some seeds of the same fruit and tangerine or orange juice. Constipation, this can be cured with plum or cherry. If you are going to prepare the cure with plums, the ideal is to place five plums without the seed in a glass with distilled water and a tablespoon of flaxseed, either powdered or whole, and let soak overnight. An hour before breakfast, process the ingredients that you have soaked in a blender and add a tablespoon of tamarind pulp, if you are going to sweeten it with honey or paper. Fever, to eliminate it you should eat plum broth also helps prevent dehydration, quenching thirst. You can prepare it by placing a liter and a half of water in a pot with 15 chopped plums, let it boil for 30 minutes and turn off. Once it has rested, strain it and drink it very cold. Hepatitis, for twenty days drink a glass of seedless lime juice one hour before each breakfast.

Other diseases and how to cure them with fruits.

Expectorant, to remove all kinds of mucus adhered to the walls of the lungs and nasal cavity, parpayuela is effective. Mouse or guava due to excess liquor, wash 2 red tomatoes well, blend with the juice of a lemon and about ten drops of boldo extract, process this with a small ice cube, it is suggested not to add sugar. Once ingested after half an hour the guava or mouse will disappear. Impotence, extract the juice from the seeds of the pomegranate. Parasites and intestinal worms, for three days in a row consume blueberries either slightly cooked or raw. Another way to eliminate parasites and worms is to prepare an infusion based on the bark, branch or root of the pomegranate along with a few papaya or papaya seeds. Insect bites, the affected part should be rubbed with half a lemon, do it and you will get good results. Cell regeneration, wash 5 apricots that are very fresh, cut them into small pieces, add honey to taste and a tablespoon of pollen. And for 15 days you eat it 2 hours before each breakfast. Strengthen the blood, the blackberry is effective and as you wish to consume it. Clean the liver and kidneys, the intake of peach, orange, grape, raspberry, melon, watermelon, among others, works. Chronic ulcers, when cutting the acorn or banana flower, the juice or water that comes out of its stem is extracted. This should be taken three times a day, only half a cup of the juice.

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