Conditions Due To The Application Of Biopolymers In The Human Body.

Conditions Due to The Application of Biopolymers in The Human Body.

Most of the girls and some of the boys to improve their exterior aesthetics. They give themselves injections and even go to a surgical table to apply unauthorized substances. Perhaps due to their ignorance or simply to look for the economy, biopolymers are clandestinely applied. We know that the fillers that are used to beautify the person are nothing new, but we must take into account when it comes to the improper use of this liquid that is of synthetic origin. The human body possesses a great giant called the immune system. When sensing substances not in accordance with its immunity, it works gradually rejecting any foreign body that has been incorporated in any part of the body. Biopolymers, being a substance, can be derived from the paraffin of industrial oil, bone cement and liquid silicone. It is a synthetic liquid that is injected to fill, buttocks, face, breasts, in short, any part of the body. To beautify and rejuvenate for a very short period of time or perhaps a little longer, depending on how the person’s immune system is. Once the foreign body enters the system, it reacts and becomes defensive causing a real nightmare. Thus, creating the development in some cases, diseases such as lupus, hypothyroidism and arthritis.

Conditions Due To The Application Of Biopolymers In The Human Body.

Adverse consequences of biopolymers.

It causes permanent pain in the injected area, creating an impediment to carry out daily activities. Annoying inflammations occur and are so constant that it leads to other types of diseases. In the injected area, the skin turns reddish, giving the sensation of burning and itching, product of the allergies that the substance causes in the organism. They progressively damage the skin tissues, giving rise to certain changes in the skin, that is, it causes cellulite, granulomas and fibrosis. If you do this procedure in clandestine places and do not take precautions to sterilize the instruments and work materials, you are prone to infections, whether external or even internal. Because it is an illegal substance and processed by clandestine sites and non-specialized doctors, be careful if the chemical used can be anything, the scammers are at their best. It produces deformations in the body, since it is a liquid that tends to run throughout the body. In some moments, necrosis, tissue loss and, in the worst case, severe sepsis can occur, leading to imminent death. In most cases, this procedure is performed by people who are inexperienced and when they inject the material, it may perforate a blood artery or vein, causing imminent death.

Precautions you should take if you have this substance in your body.

Avoid performing exercises that have a high impact, this will avoid the risk of the liquid running to other parts of the body. If you are a lover of going to the beach to expose yourself to the sun or to any place where ultraviolet rays are present in a very strong way, you should avoid them. For nothing in the world do you perform liposuction or any aesthetic surgical procedure. You cannot go to places like hot springs and saunas, the high temperatures will activate the liquid. It is strictly forbidden to perform massages to lose weight or massages to shape the body. If the symptoms are imminent and it is affecting your active life, it is better to go to a specialist or plastic surgeon to evaluate you in time and remove as much material as possible. Remember that this chemical is not completely eliminated from your body, but it will facilitate the aesthetic reconstruction of your skin and improve your quality of life. For nothing in the world apply laser beams to remove biopolymers.

Procedures to rule out the manifestation of synthetic substances in the body.

There are people who applied the plastic surgery method to rebuild any part of the body. Perhaps for aesthetics or for health and they did not realize that they were scammed by certain unscrupulous people who pose as specialists. Bringing as a result fatal consequences that affect the quality of life. If you are one of those unlucky people and you start to present inappropriate symptoms. I recommend that you go to a surgeon with current credentials to do a complete study with tests that includes laboratories. And physical studies to rule out how your immune system is. Through this check you will see if there are inflammations or processes that are autoimmune. He will also assess the severity of the disease using MRI. Once the results are obtained, the surgery will be performed.

This surgery can be in two ways:

Open technique, which is done by extracting most of the tissue that has been damaged without touching its good parts, avoiding malformations and symptoms. Extraction technique, here devices are used that emit waves and sounds that pulverize the substance, and then proceed to aspiration or suction of biopolymers.

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