Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sugar

Advantages And Disadvantages of Sugar

Everyone knows sugar. It is this crystalline substance that serves to sweeten whatever it is added to. Making it sweet for the person who consumes it. It can be consumed by itself, or also added to what you are going to prepare it so that when you eat it it has its sweet touch, or if it is sweet. Which is the best, since eating it normally is not very good, if it is sweet. But it is better to use it to sweeten what you are going to consume. It is obvious that many foods should not be added with this substance. Especially salty foods, as they are best enjoyed with salty things and seasonings, then adding sugar and it tastes too strange. For drinks and desserts, it is a perfect option. Since you have the option of consuming the drink naturally, or if you want it to be a little sweet, just add sugar and that’s it. And with desserts, sugar is mandatory, since that is how desserts or sweets are. It must have sugar, you can also make desserts with a little of the substance in question, so that the already prepared dessert remains natural. Even so, sugar is not very good to consume very often, in fact, all foods are not good in excess. But right now, my focus will be on sugar. But before continuing, I would like you to read about “How to take care of your mental health”

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sugar


It is good for children during their childhood to consume sugar (in moderation) since sugar is something very important when it comes to forming tissues as everyone knows, sugar makes a person active. And it is thanks to the brain, since when receiving glucose. It makes the brain itself stay very active and with this it helps you when it comes to staying focused on something. The person can acquire the necessary nutrients, in order to help in having a good development, both physical and mental. Making the person become more resistant when doing an activity for which physical effort is necessary. It is good when it comes to replenishing glycogen in the muscles, and in the liver. In addition, it helps them increase if they do not present health problems thanks to the lack of glycogen. It helps the basic components of our diet, such as protein. Be very effective. It is good for our nervous system, in order to prevent such a system from suffering nervous breakdowns or alterations. If we do not eat it moderately, we can experience a great appetite, causing anxiety to enter as well. This is something that can be common when following a very strict diet. That is why it is good to eat a sweet, dessert or fruit. Although it may not seem like it, it can help when it comes to falling asleep. Surprisingly, several doctors can prescribe a dose of sugar before going to sleep as a natural remedy. As a way to not have insomnia.


Help in obesity. This can be noticed when consuming too much sugar, especially in desserts. It can give you diabetes. This disease occurs because sugar helps create insulin (helps control blood sugar in humans) and by eating too much sugar, it can make our pancreas work twice as hard, causing it to become too exhausted, causing diabetes appears in us. And for people who have a family member with diabetes, obesity or overweight, they are older than those with diabetes, so you have to take double care. It can cause dental cavities, everyone knows that cavities occur thanks to the large consumption of sugar, this can happen in all people, regardless of age. So, it is highly recommended to moderate the amount of sugar.

How to consume sugar moderately

t is simple, and it is to avoid eating any type of food or drink that contains sugar, you can consume it if you want. But not excessively. And if you are going to prepare something for yourself, of which it contains sugar. Try that the sugar you are going to add is moderate, since only you are going to eat it. So, leave the large spoonful’s of sugar, and put the right and necessary amount, so that it is consumable, and healthy. And not that when you try it it is too sweet that you can get bored reaching half of the food. With sweets, try to make it in small amounts, and if there is a day when you eat too much sugar, it is recommended that the following days you do not eat ANY sugar in order to balance it as best as possible.

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