Advantages And Disadvantages Of Salt In People

Advantages And Disadvantages of Salt in People

Common salt, table salt. Or better known throughout the world as “salt”, it is the basic and essential condiment for all recipes. Being in food and sweets (the only thing that it has is a pinch). Everything you prepare based on this will taste salty, as opposed to sweet. Obviously, this does not appear in the drinks, since in this type you can only add sugar to sweeten or you simply do not add sugar and you drink the drink naturally. It is obvious that salt is an idea so that the things you prepare are not tasteless, so that their flavor is so neutral that you feel that you are not consuming anything. On the other hand, with salt it gives it that explosive flavor, and makes the food better for consumption in terms of flavor. But even so, do not do it in excess, in fact, all foods or condiments are good. But consuming it in excess is very bad, since it can affect the health or physique of the human being. So that is why in this article you will know the advantages, but especially the disadvantages of consuming excess salt. But before starting, I would like you to read this article that is somewhat related to what you are about to read “Why is walking good for your health? ”.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Salt In People


In case you didn’t know, salt helps stimulate appetite in people. This seasoning helps good digestion, and, if that were not enough. It helps the rapid elimination of liquids, meaning that the body will need the human being to consume food in order to replenish energy. This can be useful for people who do not have a good appetite and do not eat as much as they should. It helps the person stay hydrated; salt provides the basic flavor of everything. What is salty, and thanks to that the mouth and throat of the person will be very easy to dry, making the need to drink water much greater. Starting to drink too much so he’s fully hydrated. This works best if there’s a lot of salt, and it’s great for people who don’t drink the recommended amount of water on a daily basis. If you want it to work effectively, you can squeeze a lemon, add marinade and salt, and give the person that little drink, so they consume twice as much water. It favors your nervous system. Consuming salt properly helps muscle relaxation, in addition to favoring the impulses of your nervous system to function correctly, and as it should be. As salt is in all foods, and it can be an option to add a little more salt at mealtime, basically you are complying with this point. And it improves your nervous system.


Increases hypertension. There may come a time when the kidneys cannot eliminate the large amount of salt accumulated in the kidneys, making our heart work twice as hard, causing blood pressure to rise too high. You would have osteoporosis, as our body has to eliminate sodium via urine, it can begin to lose calcium, causing your bones to be damaged, losing strength and making fractures common. It can cause a lot of weight gain. As you already know, salt makes you thirsty too much. And if you quench it with drinks other than water, you can start to unbalance the calories that you consume in food and in the calories that you ingest through liquids, this is what I mean if you quench your thirst with energy drinks and soft drinks, so avoid that. You can have tumors, and you consume excess salt, this makes tumors more common, and you have stomach cancer, thanks to infections and ulcerative lesions.

how to avoid it

Salt is hardly difficult to avoid, since it is in all foods. But if you can reduce consumption, you simply have to control the amount of salt you are going to put in your meals. You can just not add salt, but doing so would be extreme, and it would lose some of the flavor of the food. Doing that would be a last option or the person is starting to get worse. Also remember to drink water, so that the kidneys can work properly and are not harmed by excessive salt consumption. Also remember not to add more salt to food, once it is. Already with the amount of salt that you added to the food when preparing it is more than enough. If you liked this article you may like to read about “What does the tomato do for health? ”

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